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August Dinner Meeting

August 7th, 2014 - 6:30 p.m. Social

7:00 p.m. meal & program

Seven Local Airplanes Fly to Alaska

Seven brides for seven brothers . . . whoops, wrong story.   Seven pilots from Page airport with seven planes from Page airport decided to fly to Alaska, and return. The planes included 5 slow and old - Two Cessna 140s built in 1947 flown by Larry Eversmeyer and Jessie Sullivan, a 1947 Luscombe flown by Richard Flurry without alternator or starter which meant hand prop everytime he started the engine, a 1966 Ercoupe flown by Don Rogers and a Scout with tires two feet tall flown by Terry Dow. Top speeds for these great  planes about 100 miles per hour.  Also a later model Gruman flown by Jimmie Thomas and then my work horse, i.e. Lee Holmes' Cessna 182 flown by Lee and Jim Putnam.   All flew solo except for the 182.  All were fully packed with stuff to survive in case of emergency, camping, food, etc. which meant that gross weight really has a recognizable significance when density altitude impairs taking off and climbing.


Accommodations?  something to consider during the 7,000 mile trip, Gasoline available for planes that need to refuel after flying 300 miles following the Alcan highway.  Bears in Alaska who like to eat.  Mosquitos, the state bird of Alaska, who also like to eat.  Custom officials, who do not reside nor work near convenient airports.  Wonderful, informative, helpful, people who live near airports in the lower  U.S., Canada, and Northern U.S. called Alaska.

     Written by Lee Holmes.

Come and hear some of these pilots tell their story of this recent trip to Alaska! 


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